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3 horror movies you should own in 2016

Let’s start this blog off by me sharing a fun little fact about myself: I LOVE HORROR MOVIES. (I hope the caps emphasize that even further.)

Ok, so without further adieu, let me share with you the three horror movies I’ve seen in theatres and are currently out on BluRay:

The Boy

This movie got 3 out of 5 stars and maybe that’s a bit kind. I feel like the scary moments weren’t jumpy enough and the story moved along too slowly for my liking. Although I’m sure it piqued the interest of many other horror movie fans who find dolls scary… (Can you say Annabelle from the Conjuring?) They are definitely freaky with those blank stares and you thinking whether or not it’ll come alive… especially older dolls – you just never know if someone placed a curse on this doll and that there’s actually a ghost living in it! SCARY!

The Forest

The Forest

It’s 2 out of 5 stars for this movie and I feel like it should’ve gotten a little higher than that. It goes into the Aokigahara Forest and if you don’t know that means, it’s where people hang themselves. It’s certainly not a myth – they have actually found countless people who’ve committed suicide here… a place that’s definitely NOT on my bucket list of places to see ever. So, back to the movie. It’s about a girl who looks for her twin sister because she’s gone missing. Long story short, she goes into the forest and strange things start happening. PS – if you’re a camper, the tent scene might freak you out a bit – you’ve been warned!

The Ghost Dimension

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

Another 3 out of 5 movie – quite worthy of the Paranormal Activity legacy. If you like possessions and evil spirits, you’ll like this (along with the other movies in this series.) This one is all about a little girl who lives with her parents and they happen to find old videos of the sisters (centrepiece of the whole saga) when they were much younger. What happens next? You guessed it – scary things start to happen! From spirits being caught on camera, to the little girl talking to imaginary friends to people on videotape speaking to people in the present… this movie did a good job at continuing the Paranormal Activity series. If you’re a fan, definitely make sure this is in your library!

In my books, all these movies are a solid 3.5. If you’re a horror fan like me, you know that good horror movies are hard to come by these days. Either it’s bad acting, or the storyline stinks, or whatever the case may be, they’re not amazing. That’s why I’d suggest that when a horror movie is more than 2 stars, give it a try – you may be surprised. I personally don’t trust reviews all the time because sometimes I rate movies higher than critics. So next time you’re on Netflix, maybe give that low-rated movie a try, but only after watching these three!

3 highly anticipated movies of 2016

When these movies come out on BluRay, you should definitely add them to your collection. From the exciting trailers to prequels, I’m personally very excited for these to come out so I can see how aligned they are with my expectations. Let’s get started!

Jason Bourne

I cannot begin to tell you how elated I am with the fact that Matt Damon is reprising his role. There’s only ever been – and will be – one Jason Bourne, and that’s Damon. If you’ve seen any of the Bourne movies, you know that we’re in for a movie filled with explosions and non-stop action. The premise with this upcoming movie is for the CIA to draw him out since he’s been in hiding since he last appeared in the series. It’ll be exciting to see who else makes a return, but really, it doesn’t matter… Matt Damon is back and that’s more than enough to make sure this one’s going to be another blockbuster… can’t wait!

The secret life of pets

The secret life of pets

Watching a good animated flick is like chicken soup for the soul – soothing and it feels great. I have two dogs so it’ll be great to see how they interpret what dogs do while their owners are away. I’ve seen the trailers for this movie countless times and it shows pets of all types either escaping their cages to watch TV, using kitchen appliances or rocking out to some heavy metal music. I know mine likes to jump on the dining room table then to the kitchen counter to see if there’s any food left over for him. I’m excited to see how funny this movie will be – maybe it’ll finally help me crack the mystery of what happens when I’m not home! HA! I guess I could put up video cameras, but doesn’t a movie sound much more fun than a surveillance camera?

Don’t breathe

Don’t breathe

I get very excited every time I see a trailer for this movie. The very concept of it is thrilling – a blind man first getting robbed by three teens who are able to see, but then the blind man turns the table on them and he barricades them into his house so he can hunt each of them down and kill them… dun dun dun. Your heart just pauses for the scenes where the blind man is within inches of one of the teens… you’re hoping the teen stays completely quiet because otherwise they’re dead. The blind man also seems to have impeccable aim when it comes to shooting a gun so the teens need to tread very carefully. This is kind of similar to a recent movie I saw where the protagonist is deaf and a killer hunts her inside her own house… who wins that cat and mouse game? The deaf girl. Who’ll win in this upcoming movie? The three teen robbers who can all fully see or the blind man who’s out to kill them? We’ll see!

3 Comedy Movies You Should Own in 2016

We all like a good laugh, so I’m sharing my take on the 3 movies I’ve seen this year, and thus, you should add to your own collection of BluRays!

How to be single

Ok, so who doesn’t love Fat Amy? (If you haven’t seen Pitch Perfect, then this reference is lost on you.) This movie got 3 out of 5 stars and I think that’s fair. It was a great feel good type of chick flick – one to watch with your girlfriends. The movie follows the lives of four women – two of them sisters. One girl – Fat Amy – is the life of the party. She likes to drink and sleep with random men which offer multiple ‘morning after’ moments. Then there’s the girl who broke up with her boyfriend to ‘find herself’ – she also has her share of male friends as she goes through this journey. Then we have her sister, who is a doctor and actually wants to be a mother but her primarily problem is that she doesn’t have a man. The last girl hopelessly looks for love and unfortunately meets the wrong guys throughout the entire movie. I hope that’s not too much info for you… I tried to keep it as high level as possible!

The Intern

The Intern

A 4 out of 5 stars type of flick with Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro. The plot is Robert becomes the Intern for a highly successful businesswoman, Anne. The relationship is weird to start off, but then they eventually form a bond (who knew that was going to happen?). It starts out with Mr. De Niro being bored with his job and offers to do pretty much anything to keep busy at work. He becomes the office hero because he’s super friendly and helpful and even more so when Anne starts trusting him. Her problem is that she’s being underestimated at work by her superiors while he’s a widower and needs to fill that gap in his life. Throw in some sidekicks for added comedic relief and you have a decent, light-hearted, will remind you about determination and helping others out, flick! I’d say this is a great family movie that you could pop in during Family Night!



Amy Poehler and Tina Fey scored 3 out of 5 for this one. The story is about two sisters who go back home because their parents are selling the house they grew up in. In an attempt to relive their younger years, they throw a party which includes their former high school classmates, and of course only laughter ensues. I am personally a huge fan of theirs, so I definitely enjoyed this one, maybe even more so than others… it also features other Saturday Night Live Alumnus including Mya Rudolph who is another comedic genius. It follows the women through their woes back then and now, which of course includes cattiness and some slapstick humour. And just like any movie, it sees the two women resolve their issues by the time the credits start rolling. Another great addition to your BluRay collection!