12 Interesting Seasons to Watch

The ideas and themes adopted by seasons are entertaining and they make people excited and anxious about what will be happening with less drama and more of a thrilling twist in new episodes. New addition of cast in every new season, a new challenge for upcoming season, a new villain, and so on. So here is the list of those season that you should watch or buy DVD if they are not readily available online;

Game of Thrones

A thrilling treat with great TRPs for every episode. It is an American Fantasy Drama that revolves around the struggles faced by noble families in order to get throne.


Oh and I just want this season to be back. This is all about six friends and their life, the level of humor in its episodes is just amazing and is considered one of the best all time seasons to watch.


How I Met Your Mother

A sitcom that has received a lot of appreciation because of its hilarious comedy and different kind of storyline and plot.


It is a slightly controversial teen drama but its comedy earned it a huge round of applause so it is a good choice if you need to watch a comedy serial.

Teen Wolf

Story about a ware-wolf and most importantly his friends. How they managed to survive and save each other from different other ware-wolf packs and so on. A good choice for teen thrill.

The Vampire Diaries

This revolves around three vampires, though it got boring in between but the crew managed to make it more interesting in a span of two three episodes.


The Originals

Story leads back to the original vampires that were the first ones. Their power and challenges is what this season is about. It is a spill-off of vampire diaries and has achieved even more appreciation than its parent season.

Prison Break

Story of two brothers and their desperate struggles. To be honest, when I watched this serial I started believing that my problems and issues are nothing as compared to these people.

Breaking Bad

A different storyline when a dying man start to make as money as possible for his family. A crime drama that has been loved a lot.


And this one is about a good person who is a serial killer of bad people. Interesting plot and definitely worth your time.


The Walking Dead

Zombies! Violent kind of season but still it is appreciated like every other season

Sherlock Holmes

Detective Series and let me be very clear about this. This is not a serial that you can think of missing. Either you like detectives or you hate them, but you are going to love Sherlock Holmes.

Whereas these are not the only ones to watch, if you are done with watching most of the above, you can give few of these a shot as well; Psych, Criminal Minds, Orange is the New Black, Supernatural, Pretty Little Liars, etc. They all have distinct stories with thrilling twists to never turn you bore.

This blog focuses on one of my favorite pastimes: movies! After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good movie every now and then? When available, I include both the professional movie critics’ reviews and complement them with my own.

3 kids movies you should own on BluRay in 2016

Though I’m a full grown adult, I appreciate a good kids movie every now and then. It makes you appreciate the simple things and life and temporarily woes of being a grown up.

Even if you don’t have any kids of your own, these should still be part of your BluRay collection – they’re feel-good flicks that make you appreciate the innocent and cute messages they carry for its viewers:

Inside out

This movie got 4 out of 5 stars and I think that’s quite fitting. Though released on BluRay in November, I still think you should add this to your collection if you haven’t already. The plot follows characters in your head which represent emotions from happy to angry. Each emotion is personified and really emphasize on their traits and qualities. The main characters live in a little girl’s head as she navigates through her new home in San Francisco. She goes from happy to sad to angry and each of these emotions in her head make it entertaining in terms of how they react when the little girl displays these emotions. Fair warning: there is a sad moment in the movie where one of the little girl’s beloved memories dies to try and save her… but let’s not dwell on that. I think this is a great movie to teach kids about emotions without being too much ‘in your face’ about it. Go out and buy this one on BluRay – it’s been out for more than 7 months now!

The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book

Another 4 out of 5 stars type of movie – and I’m very surprised that didn’t score a solid 5. I think this is complements Disney’s animated version quite well. I wasn’t excited at all to see this movie in theatres because if you’ve seen the types of movies I have when it features talking animals, they’ve been super lame. Usually the animation is poorly done and you may think you’ve wasted money in seeing talking animals. BUT – this is the one true exception to the rule. This was very well done. The actors who voiced them were perfect and you truly believed that these animals exist for real. Not to mention the main character, a little boy who will definitely have a long acting career in Hollywood – was the perfect actor to this role. In a nutshell, the main antagonist is a tiger who’s had a bad past with humans so he’ll do anything in his power to kill the boy. The entire jungle is scared of the mighty powerful tiger but all want to protect the boy. That’s it – you’ll need to see this if you haven’t already. This is another Disney gem that’ll be a favourite for decades to come.



And yet another 4 out of 5 stars flick that I think should’ve gotten a 5 instead. (Maybe I’m just too generous as a critic?) The main takeaway here is to never stop believing in your dreams, even if others tell you that you won’t succeed. This movie centers around a bunny who wants to make a difference in the world by becoming a cop. She’s the smallest of the bunch but also one of the best. She runs into a sly fox who ends up being her sidekick. I really enjoyed how well they stereotyped animals… you must watch the trailer where they talk to a sloth… HILARIOUS! It offered its surprising moments and of course tons of laughs – no doubt kids will have a chuckle for its face value but like many movies today, we have other insights as adults. It also included topics like bullying – which may be a bit much for young kids but how they delivered it was very well done. All in all another must-watch, with or without kids!

This blog focuses on one of my favorite pastimes: movies! After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good movie every now and then? When available, I include both the professional movie critics’ reviews and complement them with my own.