10 Must Have DVDs to Get Motivation for Being Successful

What can be more beneficial then to watch a movie that will charge you up with loads of motivation for being successful in your live? These kind of movies provide an hour of entertainment with a full dose ofinspiration and incentives to move on. Such movies leave a positive impact on your life and its following decisions. It won’t be wrong to say that movies influence us to such an extent that our coming decisions are based on our conclusions and deductions from particular movie. We start to believe in various parts of life taught by some motivational stuff and what if this motivation is blended with two hours of thrilling entertainment. So, here is a small list worth a watch to feel inspired by your present life, beliving in your better future and working for it;

Good Will Hunting

Competence is what is taught by this movie. All those who have talent but never considered them worth it will find some great influential lessons for themselves by watching Good Will Hunting.


In Pursuit of Happiness

This pursuit of happiness will teach the viewers to never give up in their life. The storyline is portrayed in an emotional way and revolves about a person who struggles to overcome his financial circumstances and fulfil his dreams in the process.

The Words

The words focuses on how hard you must put up for your work. In other words dedicate your efforts to your talent. This is about a writer and the difficulties he faced while he wrote and his reactions.

The Wolf of Wall Street

It depicts how money affects you and your life. It teaches its viewers about whatsoever can be bought by money and what can’t be bought with money. It will help you to have some finer goals in your life. Drive and prosperity in other words is what you will learn by watching classic performance by DiCapprio.



Getting things done in kind of some scientific way, fiction is what this movie is all about. But to be honest it persuades the viewers to work harder to accomplish something in their life. How a lazy man gets limitless by utilizing his full brain. Definitely some great motivation if you lack trust is yourself.

Yes Man

A fun kind of movie that asks nothing else but to say yes to numerous opportunities you get every day. It will sort of make you feel regret about various opportunities you have refused to say yes.


The Social Network

The Social Network will lead you to believe in yourself and feel yourself deserved to achieve success.

The Secret

The secret helps you to deal matters with a positive attitude and stop looking for negativity in most of situations. Definitely deserves a watch to feel a boost up of energy in your life.

Pumping Iron

Pumping Iron is one of a kind movie that asks the viewers to have faith in themselves. Self-belief, confidence and assertion is what you will gain by watching this movie.

This blog focuses on one of my favorite pastimes: movies! After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good movie every now and then? When available, I include both the professional movie critics’ reviews and complement them with my own.

3 Action Movies You Should Own in 2016

All right, let’s switch gears to some exhilarating action here. In case you’re wondering, this genre is probably in my top 3… who doesn’t like to see a good action flick every now and then?

Here we go – the 3 action movies I think you should buy in BluRay this year:

The Huntsman

The Huntsman: Winter’s War

This isn’t due to be released on DVD until August (and will likely still see showings in theatres today), so I’ll try not to ruin it too much for you! If you saw the first movie, you know that Charlize Theron makes an amazing Evil Queen. While her accent is on and off, she does an awesome job at the acting part – duh! Jessica Chastain from Zero Dark Thirty (haven’t seen it), Chris Hemsworth (Thor himself) and Emily Blunt from The Devil Wears Prada joins her for a good twist on the fairy tale. An Ice Queen manipulating people, an Evil Queen manipulating her sister and both of them manipulating the two protagonists, there’s a LOT of manipulation in this move. Throw in some wicked special effects and you’ve got an awesome fairy tale based flick! By the way, this movie got 4 out of 5 stars, so definitely one to add to your collection!



Ok, let’s start with fun tidbits – this movie was shot in Vancouver, BC – where I live! Ryan Reynolds also had to take a pay cut to film this movie… and now back to the review… This one was rated another 4 out of 5 stars and I think it was worthy of a 5, to be honest. It certainly had action, cheeky (sometimes quite literal) comedy and a love story. I think the combination of genres made it that much more entertaining and the storyline flowed well. It also made some references and featured cameos from other Marvel superheroes so that was very cool how they tied it in all together. I wouldn’t be surprised if a sequel was made for this one, so make sure you buy it before you’re the last person on earth who hasn’t seen this movie! Two thumbs way up!

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2

3 out of 5 stars was the critics’ rating for this movie and I think it should be higher. Good old Katniss Everdeen comes back with a bold goal: to defeat the Capitol. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the series, the Hunger Games was set to a future time where North America as we know it today has been divided into different territories. It’s ruled by an iron fist which is the force that our main protagonist is trying to take down. It makes a lot of reference to the previous three movies (rightfully so since this is meant to be the end of the trilogy). And if you’re wondering, yes, Katniss finally decides between Peta or Gail. There’s a lot of fighting, a love story and you’re cheering for our heroes to be triumphant. Were they able to win the battle with the Capitol? You’ll have to buy the movie to find out!

This blog focuses on one of my favorite pastimes: movies! After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good movie every now and then? When available, I include both the professional movie critics’ reviews and complement them with my own.