10 Most Awaited Fall And Winter 2016 Dvds

Wondering about DVDs that have been most awaited of year 2016? Or those DVD releases that are really going to stock out soon after their release? Few of those DVDs that will be welcomed with harm hands? Or even those DVDs that aim to disturb the ratings? Well below are few of these DVD releases that you need to keep an eye on;

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

With the trailer being released recently, it has proven that it will be the best treat before New Year. Secondly, this is a new concept and direction conceived by Star Wars which means that it will turn out to be full of entertainment

Shin Godzilla/Godzilla Resurgence


This Japanese Science-Fiction movie was released a month ago and is a part of Godzilla series. Huge and giants Godzilla never failed to entertain its viewers; a full dose of thrill.

Blair Witch

Blair Witch will turn out to be the most awaited horror movie after the revelation that it actually is a sequel of Blair Witch of 1999. Based on a footage, a true horror story will prove to be a great storyline and interesting development by the franchise.

Doctor Strange

So Sherlock guy is putting up another fictional superhero role for his fans. Doctor Strange is a famous character of Marvel Comics and most importantly this is a different kind of superhero whose movie will also be of a different journey.

Bad Santa 2

Black comedy movie with crime as its main root; Bad Santa 2 will definitely prove a good sequel to Bad Santa after 13 years long wait provided directors and producers entertain us with new jokes and plots.



Oh and the only the presence of Christopher Guest is enough for driving people crazy about an upcoming movie. And well, only two months left before it release.


Teaser has been out and has been appreciated and welcomed a lot. An alien science-fiction movie with a different plot has enough to say. Adding more to this movie’s potential is its cast and crew; amazing selection so definitely it is something to wait for.

Phantasm: Ravager

So, 2016 will witness the last and final installment of this weird, horror and thrilling franchise, ‘Phantasm’. This final part was awaited since long and we can just hope that this waiting time will be worth waiting for.


Another Science-Fiction film whose trailer was one of the most awaited teasers of 2015. Pairing of Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence will be another plus point for its upcoming success. A story of interesting spaceship and its passengers will be a good treat certainly.


La La Land

Last but not the least, a musical romance film starring a gorgeous cast; Emma Stone and Sebastian will be a close to real life story. This will be far away from science fiction world and give a close look on struggles faced by actors and musicians. A good story line to end 2016 though.

These are the only top lists that are believed to do good business with strong storylines, distinct teasers and descriptions.

This blog focuses on one of my favorite pastimes: movies! After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good movie every now and then? When available, I include both the professional movie critics’ reviews and complement them with my own.

3 Reasons Why You Should Own 4th Man Out On Bluray

For this post, I wanted to talk about a recent gay movie I saw, one which I think you should definitely add to your collection of BluRays. This one got 4.5 stars out of 5 – an almost perfect rating for any movie, let alone one in the gay genre. And don’t worry, there are no graphic scenes, so kids won’t have to leave the room nor close their eyes!

It’s a typical movie about guys “being guys”

So the plot is about four best friends who hang out all the time and are very tight as a group. 3 good looking fit guys and 1 chubby one (and no he isn’t the only comedic release in the movie)… let’s not pigeonhole the poor guy now! The 2 of the first 3 guys are the very best of friends while the other 2 are each other’s’ sidekicks. So you get the idea – 4 guys hanging out all the time drinking, playing cards, playing video games, etc. In today’s world this dynamic surely exists since being gay is more widely accepted today than it was before.

maxresdefault (1)

It’s a story about coming out of the closet

Adam and Chris are the two best friends that I mentioned earlier. After a heavy night of drinking they were slowly waking up when Adam drops a bombshell on Chris – that he was gay. Frantically

trying to cope with the news, the 3 guys attempt to avoid the situation, but then Chris had to drive Adam home, so the inevitable conversation came up in the awkward drive home. Being the supportive friend, Chris promises Adam that nothing about their friendship will change, and Chris convinces the other 2 boys the same. Further into the movie it also includes Adam coming out to the family with some comedy to lighten the serious subject matter at hand.


It’s about real, unbreakable friendships

All 4 boys then decide to accompany Adam to a gay club where they surprisingly have a good time as a group. Again, more drinks ensue and it’s just rainbows and butterflies for everyone. When does the trouble start? Now. So after an evening of clubbing, Adam and Chris are sitting on the basement couch having a nightcap before they go to bed (the background music is sombre so you know something’s about to happen… and it does!) Chris, the straight one, pulls out his phone which somehow ends up on the other side of Adam. When Chris reaches for it, he has to reach over Adam, however, Adam mistook this as Chris trying to make a move on him. After realizing it wasn’t what he thought, Chris leaves and Adam spends the rest of the movie trying to apologize to Chris for the awkwardness.

I highly recommend you to watch with your best friends. Push the gay content matter at hand, the very core of this movie is about the strong bond that you have with those who are closest to you. It just happens to make things a bit more interesting that the main character is gay… other than that, it’s all the same… friends fight, friends patch things up.

This blog focuses on one of my favorite pastimes: movies! After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good movie every now and then? When available, I include both the professional movie critics’ reviews and complement them with my own.