3 Reasons Why You Need to Own Orange is the New Black on Bluray

With 3 seasons under its belt and the fourth currently on Netflix, Orange is the New Black is another must-have for your BluRay collection. Why? Here are my personal reasons to be so addicted to this TV series.

It’s shocking

That’s probably a huge understatement for this show. It delivers a lot of shock value from the lesbian scenes to the events that happen in prison. While the first topic is probably ‘very much in your face’ (all puns intended), you’ll get used to it. Of course being set in an all women prison, you can’t avoid this important part of the whole thing. It tries to lace the sex scenes with love stories that happen between the characters which can make you laugh or cry, depending on the dynamics of their relationships. Since this is based on a real story, the writers and producers definitely explore aspects of prison life including drugs and the hardships of being confined. I also personally like how they take the time to reminisce about the characters’ past lives, which show how they actually ended up behind bars. Fair warning: the murder scenes can get quite graphic.


It’s relevant

OITNB (this is what the cool kids call it these days) also does a great job at showcasing some of today’s issues in society. Let’s break things down and discuss the racial aspects. As you’d expect, the ladies tend to stick with their own kind, meaning their ethnicities mainly dictate the group to which they belong. Aligned with what typically happens in the outside world, these groups cross each others’ territories which results in a lot of fighting and sometimes death. Superiority complexes are largely at play as they defend their own turfs, proving they’re tougher than the next group. Then there’s the whole gender topic. If you didn’t know, one of the main characters is transgendered and it shows her hardships from her transition and its effects on her marriage (to a woman!). You won’t get too bored of one thing – they do a great job at weaving in and out of each of them.


It’s raw

If your mind is in the gutter – get it out, that’s not what I mean… however, some scenes will absolutely support this mainframe (see it’s shocking topic above on graphic sex scenes). What I mean by raw is the characters. They’re all very believable, and isn’t that just the type of entertainment we want? One which makes us believe that these people actually exist? Each actor truly owns their character and is superb at sharing their realness with its viewers. Casting couldn’t have been more perfect for each of them and couple that with the amazing writers who make each storyline come to life, it was a certified success from the get-go.  Not much filtering happens from their emotions and the scenes themselves and my personal take is that it’s one of the very few bold, unapologetic and genuine shows currently out there right now.

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