3 horror movies you should own in 2016

Let’s start this blog off by me sharing a fun little fact about myself: I LOVE HORROR MOVIES. (I hope the caps emphasize that even further.)

Ok, so without further adieu, let me share with you the three horror movies I’ve seen in theatres and are currently out on BluRay:

The Boy

This movie got 3 out of 5 stars and maybe that’s a bit kind. I feel like the scary moments weren’t jumpy enough and the story moved along too slowly for my liking. Although I’m sure it piqued the interest of many other horror movie fans who find dolls scary… (Can you say Annabelle from the Conjuring?) They are definitely freaky with those blank stares and you thinking whether or not it’ll come alive… especially older dolls – you just never know if someone placed a curse on this doll and that there’s actually a ghost living in it! SCARY!

The Forest

The Forest

It’s 2 out of 5 stars for this movie and I feel like it should’ve gotten a little higher than that. It goes into the Aokigahara Forest and if you don’t know that means, it’s where people hang themselves. It’s certainly not a myth – they have actually found countless people who’ve committed suicide here… a place that’s definitely NOT on my bucket list of places to see ever. So, back to the movie. It’s about a girl who looks for her twin sister because she’s gone missing. Long story short, she goes into the forest and strange things start happening. PS – if you’re a camper, the tent scene might freak you out a bit – you’ve been warned!

The Ghost Dimension

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

Another 3 out of 5 movie – quite worthy of the Paranormal Activity legacy. If you like possessions and evil spirits, you’ll like this (along with the other movies in this series.) This one is all about a little girl who lives with her parents and they happen to find old videos of the sisters (centrepiece of the whole saga) when they were much younger. What happens next? You guessed it – scary things start to happen! From spirits being caught on camera, to the little girl talking to imaginary friends to people on videotape speaking to people in the present… this movie did a good job at continuing the Paranormal Activity series. If you’re a fan, definitely make sure this is in your library!

In my books, all these movies are a solid 3.5. If you’re a horror fan like me, you know that good horror movies are hard to come by these days. Either it’s bad acting, or the storyline stinks, or whatever the case may be, they’re not amazing. That’s why I’d suggest that when a horror movie is more than 2 stars, give it a try – you may be surprised. I personally don’t trust reviews all the time because sometimes I rate movies higher than critics. So next time you’re on Netflix, maybe give that low-rated movie a try, but only after watching these three!

This blog focuses on one of my favorite pastimes: movies! After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good movie every now and then? When available, I include both the professional movie critics’ reviews and complement them with my own.

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