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12 All-Time Favorite DVDs for Your Collection

Everyone wants to have that collection of DVDs that will not only turn their moods on but also watching them will never bore you out. Your DVD collection is something that reveals about you, your nature, your kind of interests, tastes, and so on. Nevertheless, most of the people believe that having good collection will help them impress their friends and fellows but that is totally your choice. Your collection is your own choice not anything to impress others, though it lays your impression onto others. Here are some of the collection and interesting must haves to add in collection so that they will your every mood swings;


Classic Movie! The drama, the comedy, everything is gold about this movie. This is the only reason that this still gets a place to mention in all-time favorites after its release long time back in 1984.


The Madness of King George

What happens when a king turns his government into chaos? What followed it? Etc. and all the storyline depicted in a beautiful and brilliant way that will make you watch it again and again.

Mary and Max

Story about two people who developed a strong friendship bond between them and how they managed their friendship over long distances.

Princess Mononoke

Animated movie where a warrior prince gets to fight for a forest princess to forbid the tension growing between supernatural and humans in order to win back the peace.

Spirited Away

This movie is also an animated one where a school girl is forced to work in a bath house so that she can get her soul back.


The Kings of Summer

This movie is about 3 boys who left their homes because of annoying lives and went to live in the woods.


Sports movie is what explains Rush. So if you are into formula 1 racing then this will be your all-time favorite. How a team fought for winning the world title and what happens if one of the team member meets with an accident.

Punch-Drunk Love

Now this one is about a man who suffers a lot because of his sister but falls in love with one of her sister’s coworker. This is not it, the problem arises when he accidently meets with an extortionist.

The Squid and the Whale

A movie about a couple, who got divorced leaving their children to suffer the aftermaths and psychological effects leashing on to them because of their parents.


The Illusionist

A movie of a struggling magician and his love of life; what he did for his love and his struggles.

Apart from these there are whole bunch of other movies worth giving a watch just like Adaption, Beasts of the Southern World, Life of Pie, Awakenings, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, The Straight Story, Of Mice and Men, The Pianist, My Left Foot, Life is Beautiful, Rescue Dawn, Empire of the Sun, Sideways, The Truman Show, 127 Hours, Léon: The Professional, and so on.

10 Comedy must have DVD Collection

Here is a list of those movies that hold enough capacity to energize your mood. This collection will turn you into a freaking laughing character right from the beginning. By the time your DVD stops, your stomach will be suffering from cramps due to laughter.

Wet Hot American Summer

This movie will certainly make you laugh by its hilarious scenes. People aging between their twenties and thirties act for camp counselors and fun created by their ridiculous activities is amazing to watch.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Crazy, Stupid, Love is another comedy movie that needs to be in your DVD collection because of the awkwardness of actors in it. It is more of a family movie where few people are looking for love and figuring out their lives but this turns out to be a good comedy movie that will laugh you out.


Mean Girls

Absolutely a stunner comedy movie to watch with comedy every next scene. It is definitely going to make you laugh like hell throughout its play time.

Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

This movie is all about two girls and their successful life. How can this be comedy? Well, comedy comes in to play when these two women will want to show their present life to their x-class fellows and the process in between will be full of loads of laughter for you.

Moonrise Kingdom

Comedy of two lovers and how they are chased in the movie is hilarious and definitely a charm to watch.

The Room

This movie is literally full of black comedy and it promises to give you a real good and big laugh. It is best and worst movie hand in hand but just a treat to watch.


Legally Blonde

Story of a girl who wants to get admission in Harvard for law degree. It will prove a classic comedy treat for your weekend.


This piece is emotional and comedy but more of sad factor is present in 50/50. It also has a strong message through its comedy so give it a shot.

Best in Show

This one is about the dog shows being made fun off. Best in Show will turn your seriousness to an awkwardly funny ride in the way you would have never thought of.


21 Jump Street

Story of two cops who make no pair with each other but their pairing up turns out to be a hilarious kind of scenario. The following events will make everyone believe that they are best fit for each other because of the lively comedy they are going to put up. It has another sequel as well that too is fun to watch.

And if you have already watched these then try ‘Pitch Perfect’, or ‘Caddyshack’, or ‘Bridesmaids’, or ‘Young Frankenstein’, or ‘Shrek’, or ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’, or ‘Death at a Funeral’, or ‘Anchorman’, or ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’, or ‘Airplane’, or even ‘This Is The End’.

12 Interesting Seasons to Watch

The ideas and themes adopted by seasons are entertaining and they make people excited and anxious about what will be happening with less drama and more of a thrilling twist in new episodes. New addition of cast in every new season, a new challenge for upcoming season, a new villain, and so on. So here is the list of those season that you should watch or buy DVD if they are not readily available online;

Game of Thrones

A thrilling treat with great TRPs for every episode. It is an American Fantasy Drama that revolves around the struggles faced by noble families in order to get throne.


Oh and I just want this season to be back. This is all about six friends and their life, the level of humor in its episodes is just amazing and is considered one of the best all time seasons to watch.


How I Met Your Mother

A sitcom that has received a lot of appreciation because of its hilarious comedy and different kind of storyline and plot.


It is a slightly controversial teen drama but its comedy earned it a huge round of applause so it is a good choice if you need to watch a comedy serial.

Teen Wolf

Story about a ware-wolf and most importantly his friends. How they managed to survive and save each other from different other ware-wolf packs and so on. A good choice for teen thrill.

The Vampire Diaries

This revolves around three vampires, though it got boring in between but the crew managed to make it more interesting in a span of two three episodes.


The Originals

Story leads back to the original vampires that were the first ones. Their power and challenges is what this season is about. It is a spill-off of vampire diaries and has achieved even more appreciation than its parent season.

Prison Break

Story of two brothers and their desperate struggles. To be honest, when I watched this serial I started believing that my problems and issues are nothing as compared to these people.

Breaking Bad

A different storyline when a dying man start to make as money as possible for his family. A crime drama that has been loved a lot.


And this one is about a good person who is a serial killer of bad people. Interesting plot and definitely worth your time.


The Walking Dead

Zombies! Violent kind of season but still it is appreciated like every other season

Sherlock Holmes

Detective Series and let me be very clear about this. This is not a serial that you can think of missing. Either you like detectives or you hate them, but you are going to love Sherlock Holmes.

Whereas these are not the only ones to watch, if you are done with watching most of the above, you can give few of these a shot as well; Psych, Criminal Minds, Orange is the New Black, Supernatural, Pretty Little Liars, etc. They all have distinct stories with thrilling twists to never turn you bore.

10 Must Have DVDs to Get Motivation for Being Successful

What can be more beneficial then to watch a movie that will charge you up with loads of motivation for being successful in your live? These kind of movies provide an hour of entertainment with a full dose ofinspiration and incentives to move on. Such movies leave a positive impact on your life and its following decisions. It won’t be wrong to say that movies influence us to such an extent that our coming decisions are based on our conclusions and deductions from particular movie. We start to believe in various parts of life taught by some motivational stuff and what if this motivation is blended with two hours of thrilling entertainment. So, here is a small list worth a watch to feel inspired by your present life, beliving in your better future and working for it;

Good Will Hunting

Competence is what is taught by this movie. All those who have talent but never considered them worth it will find some great influential lessons for themselves by watching Good Will Hunting.


In Pursuit of Happiness

This pursuit of happiness will teach the viewers to never give up in their life. The storyline is portrayed in an emotional way and revolves about a person who struggles to overcome his financial circumstances and fulfil his dreams in the process.

The Words

The words focuses on how hard you must put up for your work. In other words dedicate your efforts to your talent. This is about a writer and the difficulties he faced while he wrote and his reactions.

The Wolf of Wall Street

It depicts how money affects you and your life. It teaches its viewers about whatsoever can be bought by money and what can’t be bought with money. It will help you to have some finer goals in your life. Drive and prosperity in other words is what you will learn by watching classic performance by DiCapprio.



Getting things done in kind of some scientific way, fiction is what this movie is all about. But to be honest it persuades the viewers to work harder to accomplish something in their life. How a lazy man gets limitless by utilizing his full brain. Definitely some great motivation if you lack trust is yourself.

Yes Man

A fun kind of movie that asks nothing else but to say yes to numerous opportunities you get every day. It will sort of make you feel regret about various opportunities you have refused to say yes.


The Social Network

The Social Network will lead you to believe in yourself and feel yourself deserved to achieve success.

The Secret

The secret helps you to deal matters with a positive attitude and stop looking for negativity in most of situations. Definitely deserves a watch to feel a boost up of energy in your life.

Pumping Iron

Pumping Iron is one of a kind movie that asks the viewers to have faith in themselves. Self-belief, confidence and assertion is what you will gain by watching this movie.

10 Most Awaited Fall And Winter 2016 Dvds

Wondering about DVDs that have been most awaited of year 2016? Or those DVD releases that are really going to stock out soon after their release? Few of those DVDs that will be welcomed with harm hands? Or even those DVDs that aim to disturb the ratings? Well below are few of these DVD releases that you need to keep an eye on;

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

With the trailer being released recently, it has proven that it will be the best treat before New Year. Secondly, this is a new concept and direction conceived by Star Wars which means that it will turn out to be full of entertainment

Shin Godzilla/Godzilla Resurgence


This Japanese Science-Fiction movie was released a month ago and is a part of Godzilla series. Huge and giants Godzilla never failed to entertain its viewers; a full dose of thrill.

Blair Witch

Blair Witch will turn out to be the most awaited horror movie after the revelation that it actually is a sequel of Blair Witch of 1999. Based on a footage, a true horror story will prove to be a great storyline and interesting development by the franchise.

Doctor Strange

So Sherlock guy is putting up another fictional superhero role for his fans. Doctor Strange is a famous character of Marvel Comics and most importantly this is a different kind of superhero whose movie will also be of a different journey.

Bad Santa 2

Black comedy movie with crime as its main root; Bad Santa 2 will definitely prove a good sequel to Bad Santa after 13 years long wait provided directors and producers entertain us with new jokes and plots.



Oh and the only the presence of Christopher Guest is enough for driving people crazy about an upcoming movie. And well, only two months left before it release.


Teaser has been out and has been appreciated and welcomed a lot. An alien science-fiction movie with a different plot has enough to say. Adding more to this movie’s potential is its cast and crew; amazing selection so definitely it is something to wait for.

Phantasm: Ravager

So, 2016 will witness the last and final installment of this weird, horror and thrilling franchise, ‘Phantasm’. This final part was awaited since long and we can just hope that this waiting time will be worth waiting for.


Another Science-Fiction film whose trailer was one of the most awaited teasers of 2015. Pairing of Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence will be another plus point for its upcoming success. A story of interesting spaceship and its passengers will be a good treat certainly.


La La Land

Last but not the least, a musical romance film starring a gorgeous cast; Emma Stone and Sebastian will be a close to real life story. This will be far away from science fiction world and give a close look on struggles faced by actors and musicians. A good story line to end 2016 though.

These are the only top lists that are believed to do good business with strong storylines, distinct teasers and descriptions.

3 Reasons Why You Should Own 4th Man Out On Bluray

For this post, I wanted to talk about a recent gay movie I saw, one which I think you should definitely add to your collection of BluRays. This one got 4.5 stars out of 5 – an almost perfect rating for any movie, let alone one in the gay genre. And don’t worry, there are no graphic scenes, so kids won’t have to leave the room nor close their eyes!

It’s a typical movie about guys “being guys”

So the plot is about four best friends who hang out all the time and are very tight as a group. 3 good looking fit guys and 1 chubby one (and no he isn’t the only comedic release in the movie)… let’s not pigeonhole the poor guy now! The 2 of the first 3 guys are the very best of friends while the other 2 are each other’s’ sidekicks. So you get the idea – 4 guys hanging out all the time drinking, playing cards, playing video games, etc. In today’s world this dynamic surely exists since being gay is more widely accepted today than it was before.

maxresdefault (1)

It’s a story about coming out of the closet

Adam and Chris are the two best friends that I mentioned earlier. After a heavy night of drinking they were slowly waking up when Adam drops a bombshell on Chris – that he was gay. Frantically

trying to cope with the news, the 3 guys attempt to avoid the situation, but then Chris had to drive Adam home, so the inevitable conversation came up in the awkward drive home. Being the supportive friend, Chris promises Adam that nothing about their friendship will change, and Chris convinces the other 2 boys the same. Further into the movie it also includes Adam coming out to the family with some comedy to lighten the serious subject matter at hand.


It’s about real, unbreakable friendships

All 4 boys then decide to accompany Adam to a gay club where they surprisingly have a good time as a group. Again, more drinks ensue and it’s just rainbows and butterflies for everyone. When does the trouble start? Now. So after an evening of clubbing, Adam and Chris are sitting on the basement couch having a nightcap before they go to bed (the background music is sombre so you know something’s about to happen… and it does!) Chris, the straight one, pulls out his phone which somehow ends up on the other side of Adam. When Chris reaches for it, he has to reach over Adam, however, Adam mistook this as Chris trying to make a move on him. After realizing it wasn’t what he thought, Chris leaves and Adam spends the rest of the movie trying to apologize to Chris for the awkwardness.

I highly recommend you to watch with your best friends. Push the gay content matter at hand, the very core of this movie is about the strong bond that you have with those who are closest to you. It just happens to make things a bit more interesting that the main character is gay… other than that, it’s all the same… friends fight, friends patch things up.

3 Action Movies You Should Own in 2016

All right, let’s switch gears to some exhilarating action here. In case you’re wondering, this genre is probably in my top 3… who doesn’t like to see a good action flick every now and then?

Here we go – the 3 action movies I think you should buy in BluRay this year:

The Huntsman

The Huntsman: Winter’s War

This isn’t due to be released on DVD until August (and will likely still see showings in theatres today), so I’ll try not to ruin it too much for you! If you saw the first movie, you know that Charlize Theron makes an amazing Evil Queen. While her accent is on and off, she does an awesome job at the acting part – duh! Jessica Chastain from Zero Dark Thirty (haven’t seen it), Chris Hemsworth (Thor himself) and Emily Blunt from The Devil Wears Prada joins her for a good twist on the fairy tale. An Ice Queen manipulating people, an Evil Queen manipulating her sister and both of them manipulating the two protagonists, there’s a LOT of manipulation in this move. Throw in some wicked special effects and you’ve got an awesome fairy tale based flick! By the way, this movie got 4 out of 5 stars, so definitely one to add to your collection!



Ok, let’s start with fun tidbits – this movie was shot in Vancouver, BC – where I live! Ryan Reynolds also had to take a pay cut to film this movie… and now back to the review… This one was rated another 4 out of 5 stars and I think it was worthy of a 5, to be honest. It certainly had action, cheeky (sometimes quite literal) comedy and a love story. I think the combination of genres made it that much more entertaining and the storyline flowed well. It also made some references and featured cameos from other Marvel superheroes so that was very cool how they tied it in all together. I wouldn’t be surprised if a sequel was made for this one, so make sure you buy it before you’re the last person on earth who hasn’t seen this movie! Two thumbs way up!

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2

3 out of 5 stars was the critics’ rating for this movie and I think it should be higher. Good old Katniss Everdeen comes back with a bold goal: to defeat the Capitol. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the series, the Hunger Games was set to a future time where North America as we know it today has been divided into different territories. It’s ruled by an iron fist which is the force that our main protagonist is trying to take down. It makes a lot of reference to the previous three movies (rightfully so since this is meant to be the end of the trilogy). And if you’re wondering, yes, Katniss finally decides between Peta or Gail. There’s a lot of fighting, a love story and you’re cheering for our heroes to be triumphant. Were they able to win the battle with the Capitol? You’ll have to buy the movie to find out!

3 Reasons Why You Need to Own Orange is the New Black on Bluray

With 3 seasons under its belt and the fourth currently on Netflix, Orange is the New Black is another must-have for your BluRay collection. Why? Here are my personal reasons to be so addicted to this TV series.

It’s shocking

That’s probably a huge understatement for this show. It delivers a lot of shock value from the lesbian scenes to the events that happen in prison. While the first topic is probably ‘very much in your face’ (all puns intended), you’ll get used to it. Of course being set in an all women prison, you can’t avoid this important part of the whole thing. It tries to lace the sex scenes with love stories that happen between the characters which can make you laugh or cry, depending on the dynamics of their relationships. Since this is based on a real story, the writers and producers definitely explore aspects of prison life including drugs and the hardships of being confined. I also personally like how they take the time to reminisce about the characters’ past lives, which show how they actually ended up behind bars. Fair warning: the murder scenes can get quite graphic.


It’s relevant

OITNB (this is what the cool kids call it these days) also does a great job at showcasing some of today’s issues in society. Let’s break things down and discuss the racial aspects. As you’d expect, the ladies tend to stick with their own kind, meaning their ethnicities mainly dictate the group to which they belong. Aligned with what typically happens in the outside world, these groups cross each others’ territories which results in a lot of fighting and sometimes death. Superiority complexes are largely at play as they defend their own turfs, proving they’re tougher than the next group. Then there’s the whole gender topic. If you didn’t know, one of the main characters is transgendered and it shows her hardships from her transition and its effects on her marriage (to a woman!). You won’t get too bored of one thing – they do a great job at weaving in and out of each of them.


It’s raw

If your mind is in the gutter – get it out, that’s not what I mean… however, some scenes will absolutely support this mainframe (see it’s shocking topic above on graphic sex scenes). What I mean by raw is the characters. They’re all very believable, and isn’t that just the type of entertainment we want? One which makes us believe that these people actually exist? Each actor truly owns their character and is superb at sharing their realness with its viewers. Casting couldn’t have been more perfect for each of them and couple that with the amazing writers who make each storyline come to life, it was a certified success from the get-go.  Not much filtering happens from their emotions and the scenes themselves and my personal take is that it’s one of the very few bold, unapologetic and genuine shows currently out there right now.

3 Thriller Movies You Should Own in 2016

Ok, so here are 3 thrillers which will surely have you at the edge of your seat when you watch them!

London has fallen

This movie got 4 out of 5 stars and I couldn’t agree more. It was definitely very action packed (and reminds me a lot of Vantage Point.) It’s about a gathering of all the world’s leaders in London to pay respects to the Prime Minister who had just passed away. It features some big names (I won’t tell you if they survive or not, you’ll have to see it for yourself) so you know it was bound to be a decent movie to begin with. Your heart might sink a little when your country’s leader is killed, but that’s just part of the action! of course it centers around the United States President and his loyal bodyguard who risks his own life to save his. On a side note, what a job, hey? Gerard Butler is known for these types of movies (remember 300?) and he doesn’t disappoint as the hero.

The Revenant

The Revenant

I’m surprised that this movie only got 4 out of 5 stars. I definitely think it deserves a solid 5. Let’s start with Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio being absolutely amazing – a role which (finally) landed him his first Oscar for Best Actor. He is a brilliant actor and with the rest of the world, surprised at how the Academy has chosen to ignore this for so many years. But anyways, back to the movie. It follows the story of Leo who was attacked by a bear in the woods and was left for dead. If you haven’t seen the movie, the bear scene is the most famous out of the entire film, and if you had to watch scene only, this would be it. Of course it wasn’t a real bear (otherwise Leo would actually die) but he made us believe it was! This was shot in my home province of British Columbia, Canada and some in Alberta – the neighboring province. While I typically don’t care much for period movies, throw in some good acting and convincing make believe and I’m there. If you have seen this movie, you know that you should have this in your BluRay collection.

The Visit

The Visit

Ok, so apparently this isn’t a horror flick as I originally thought it would be, but I guess it had more thrills than horror so it makes sense that it falls in the ‘Thriller’ category. It’s rated 3 out of 5 stars and I think that’s pretty fair. So the story is a mother sends her two kids to visit their grandparents – both of whom have never met each other. All seems to be good and dandy until Grandma shows some weird and erratic behavior. Although it’s hard to give extra input on this movie without giving away the twist and ending, I’ll try to dance around it. It does vaguely resemble a horror flick in its jumpy and ‘what were they thinking’ moments and that moment you realize they’re in trouble is priceless.

3 kids movies you should own on BluRay in 2016

Though I’m a full grown adult, I appreciate a good kids movie every now and then. It makes you appreciate the simple things and life and temporarily woes of being a grown up.

Even if you don’t have any kids of your own, these should still be part of your BluRay collection – they’re feel-good flicks that make you appreciate the innocent and cute messages they carry for its viewers:

Inside out

This movie got 4 out of 5 stars and I think that’s quite fitting. Though released on BluRay in November, I still think you should add this to your collection if you haven’t already. The plot follows characters in your head which represent emotions from happy to angry. Each emotion is personified and really emphasize on their traits and qualities. The main characters live in a little girl’s head as she navigates through her new home in San Francisco. She goes from happy to sad to angry and each of these emotions in her head make it entertaining in terms of how they react when the little girl displays these emotions. Fair warning: there is a sad moment in the movie where one of the little girl’s beloved memories dies to try and save her… but let’s not dwell on that. I think this is a great movie to teach kids about emotions without being too much ‘in your face’ about it. Go out and buy this one on BluRay – it’s been out for more than 7 months now!

The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book

Another 4 out of 5 stars type of movie – and I’m very surprised that didn’t score a solid 5. I think this is complements Disney’s animated version quite well. I wasn’t excited at all to see this movie in theatres because if you’ve seen the types of movies I have when it features talking animals, they’ve been super lame. Usually the animation is poorly done and you may think you’ve wasted money in seeing talking animals. BUT – this is the one true exception to the rule. This was very well done. The actors who voiced them were perfect and you truly believed that these animals exist for real. Not to mention the main character, a little boy who will definitely have a long acting career in Hollywood – was the perfect actor to this role. In a nutshell, the main antagonist is a tiger who’s had a bad past with humans so he’ll do anything in his power to kill the boy. The entire jungle is scared of the mighty powerful tiger but all want to protect the boy. That’s it – you’ll need to see this if you haven’t already. This is another Disney gem that’ll be a favourite for decades to come.



And yet another 4 out of 5 stars flick that I think should’ve gotten a 5 instead. (Maybe I’m just too generous as a critic?) The main takeaway here is to never stop believing in your dreams, even if others tell you that you won’t succeed. This movie centers around a bunny who wants to make a difference in the world by becoming a cop. She’s the smallest of the bunch but also one of the best. She runs into a sly fox who ends up being her sidekick. I really enjoyed how well they stereotyped animals… you must watch the trailer where they talk to a sloth… HILARIOUS! It offered its surprising moments and of course tons of laughs – no doubt kids will have a chuckle for its face value but like many movies today, we have other insights as adults. It also included topics like bullying – which may be a bit much for young kids but how they delivered it was very well done. All in all another must-watch, with or without kids!